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______________________________ Fluorescent Tree

Images courtesy  Tepper Takayama Fine Arts We are talking to a range of photographers, photo editors, professors of photography, book designers and others garden tub about the physical process of editing images. Selecting, sequencing and laying out photographs - be it for a magazine, book, online garden tub site or gallery presentation - seems something of a mysterious process for many photographers and a process that seems perhaps hard to give words to. I haven't found much written about the process and that's exactly why I'm excited to see what comes up in this series. We started the conversation with  Rob Haggart ,  Ashley Kauschinger  and  Jeff Rich . Today we continue with  Miska Draskoczy . Miska Draskoczy ’s garden tub photography has been exhibited in the US and abroad including solo shows at the Vermont Center for Photography, Ground Floor Gallery in Brooklyn, NY and group shows including THE FENCE at PHOTOVILLE 2013. His work has been featured garden tub in the press by The New Yorker's Photo Booth blog, Time Out, PDN, Gizmodo, Featureshoot, Hyperallergic, Brokelyn and many others. He was recently named a Photolucida Critical Mass finalist. Miska's garden tub visual arts career also includes co-founding a conceptual arts organization, directing surreal sci-fi shorts, writing and developing a Slamdance shortlisted horror feature and creating a documentary web series about objects in people's homes. He also works as a director, editor and animator through his production garden tub company snow23 and is an avid rock and ice climber. Miska's series "Gowanus Wild" is currently showing garden tub at Davis Orton Gallery in Hudson, NY through May 10th.
______________________________ Fluorescent Tree  From the series "Gowanus Wild" © garden tub Miska Draskoczy Image courtesy  Tepper Takayama Fine Arts fototazo : Tell us a little about yourself and what area of photography you work in. Miska Draskoczy : I'm a photographer garden tub and filmmaker living garden tub in Brooklyn and my most recent project is "Gowanus Wild," a series which explores wilderness and nature in the notoriously polluted industrial neighborhood of Gowanus, Brooklyn. Besides doing photography since my teens, for most of my professional life I’ve worked in the film and video world as an editor, animator and director, so my approach to editing is influenced by practicing it in other mediums. f : How do you select images to work with from a larger group? What criteria do you use? MD : My first criteria is simply that it be a really strong image, garden tub something that I find irresistible to look at. The three general categories it has to hit for me are composition, color, and content. Sometimes an image is almost there formally and I think it can be brought up to speed with more post work. If it's a content issue then I discard or reshoot. I think there's a big difference between editing contact sheets to determine which images become part of the series versus garden tub editing down the current core images to smaller edits. Doing a long term project over several years, I went back over the contact sheets many times. Images I had previously garden tub passed over suddenly became relevant as I clarified the project theme, or they inspired me to go reshoot something that was a near miss. Or conversely images in the core group fell out of favor. It's amazing to me how much the process of photography is about this iterative scouring of the archives which doesn't always get talked garden tub about. I get just as excited about spending a night looking through the images as I do going out on a shoot. Green Canal  From the series "Gowanus Wild" © Miska Draskoczy Image courtesy  Tepper garden tub Takayama Fine Arts f : Talk with us about how you begin to organize and sequence the images that you have selected in relationship to each other - as well as to text if there's text. MD : The process is fairly different depending on the end format, which for me is submissions, exhibition layouts and now a book project. I edit digitally for submissions and exhibitions. For the book it's mostly digital with maquettes and POD dummies once I have an edit. For submissions I use Adobe Bridge with folders of low res images because it's fast and simple. For exhibitions I mock up wall layouts in After Effects garden tub and then make exhibition design sets I can flip through in Bridge. For the book, it's all in InDesign. I tend to be exhaustive at first, trying many edit combinations and quickly discarding those which are definitely not going to work. I'll start small and build up, identifying various pairs that go well with each other, and then building pairs of pairs and onwards. It feels like writing or music: using notes to make bars, choruses and songs, or words to make sentences, paragraphs and chapters. The categories garden tub I'm usually playing with for "Gowanus Wild" are color/tone, shot type (medium/close vs wide), season (spring, summer, fall, winter), and vegetation/animal vs man-made. I've found that sequencing strictly by category garden tub rarely works ex

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Recent Headlines Escape croscill bedding the Ordinary this summer China's tennis star Li Na gives

Recent Headlines State College senior center plans move from Fraser Street site Man charged with child pornography worked for school district NCAA subpoenas Paterno daughter in suit brought by estate Ferguson Township considers croscill bedding open space vote More News
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Recent Headlines State College’s Hardy, Meily win CDT’s Snyder Awards High school baseball: State College back on diamond Thursday Penn State football: Nittany croscill bedding Lion duo on Hall of Fame ballot New York-Penn League, State College Spikes giving out scholarship More Sports
Recent Headlines Penn State football: Nittany Lion duo on Hall of Fame ballot Penn State football receives commitment croscill bedding from Pennsylvania s top recruit Penn State football: Franklin says satellite camps not his idea Penn State football: Nittany Lions add line depth More PSU Football
Recent Headlines Escape croscill bedding the Ordinary this summer China's tennis star Li Na gives birth to a baby girl Netherlands king, queen visit Michigan as part of US tour Christie's to sell works by Monet, Chagall, Picasso in June More Living and Entertainment
Recent Headlines croscill bedding Letter to the editor: Respect flag with correct display Letter to the editor: Out of whack salaries show Penn State tax-exemption undeserved Letter to the editor: Stop protecting polluters, accept Clean Power Plan Letter to the editor: Rep. Thompson communicates well with constituents More Opinion
The Latest on China Boat Sinking: More divers at rescue site 17 minutes ago croscill bedding
Star-crossed lovers have walked into his shops on Fraser Street and in Boalsburg looking for the perfect engagement ring. Couples have celebrated their anniversaries. And graduates have commemorated their years at local schools and Penn State with rings.
Miska announced Tuesday he will retire from retail and relocate to Washington, D.C., with his wife, Jenny, who will be the gift officer for The Lab School of Washington, a school for special needs children. His stores croscill bedding will close after inventory is sold, which he expects to happen in the next few weeks.
“It’s croscill bedding crazy, because when we put the announcement out we ended up spending most of our night answering emails from people all over the country,” Miska said. “It was amazing, and I just couldn’t believe that. I’ve got a business downtown and in Boalsburg, where it’s croscill bedding not like people are just walking by a corner and stop in. Our business has been all referral- and destination-driven. You have to want to come here. This hasn’t sunk in yet.”
“Downtown State College was quaint and charming and vibrant, and the next spring I told my then-wife, Donna, we should move out here,” Miska said. “We croscill bedding had a family in western Pennsylvania, and in the late 70s and early 80s the economy wasn’t great with a lot of manufacturing facilities shutting down. I didn’t know if I wanted croscill bedding to raise a family in that environment, so we moved to State College when it was a lot smaller.”
“I’d go in on the weekends to do shipping and cleaning and gold work, probably when I was 14 years old,” he said. “My dad had a goldsmith that worked for him, and I was intrigued by it, the art of it and how you could take a chunk of metal and make it something pretty and shiny. I just took a huge interest in it.”
“He came from a small-town jewelry store and got to see all the people croscill bedding in here and how busy we were, and he was always really proud and so was my mom who passed away earlier this year,” he said. “Our last two years have been our best two years, profit wise. We’ve just continued to have our best years ever. So, we figured why not go out when it’s really good?”
“People have been saying they took off work to make sure they came in, and it just isn’t fathomable,” croscill bedding he said. “I couldn’t believe how many people have wanted to say thank you to me and everyone that has worked with us. I still love this, you know. I still love this.”
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2015 (202) May (46) 月 4 (39) March (45) February (36) January bathroom sets (36) 2014

With a little expansion, you will see green and color basis is close to part of an orange as the length 0.7 ~ 1.5mm that was difficult visible to the naked eye. This is my will it seems bamboo white Naga scale insects Mar scale insect family. At the portion of the orange body, white part would be sea shell that this scale insect is made. In addition, those dark seen in the photo above, I think the carcasses of bamboo white Naga scale insects.
The liquid that flows through the leaves, but sugar made of photosynthesis is the large, other nutrients are just. Insects bathroom sets alive depending on the liquid to flow through the plant, in order to capture a slight nutrients other than sugar must discard too much sugar has been absorbed. White sea shell and, at the same time throw away the extra sugar in place of the wax component, will to a role that covers and protects the Yeah's egg.
Sasa white Naga scale insects of the above, have also disturbed white through shell, it appears to have considerably weakened. What dark brown small points on the body. I wonder whether Sasa white Naga scale insect parasitic on bamboo leaves are parasitic on something. Has been put on the BABA's blog, in great depth synthetic bamboo white Naga scale insects while always, also mounted is enlarged bathroom sets small point of this dark brown and (here). (The 3rd photograph of 2012.12.24., Others bathroom sets are taken at 12.14. And 12.24., The Sakai natural petting forest of 2014.)
00 About this blog (1) 11 moss plants (46) 12 fern plants (5) 13 evergreen (5) 14 deciduous trees (4) 15 herbaceous 1 Sympetalae (11) 16 herbaceous 2 Archichlamydeae (9) 17 herbaceous 3 monocots (11) 21 fungi (14) 22 lichens (3) 23 Amoebozoa (1) 31 1 insect Orthoptera (5) 32 insect 2 Odonata (6) 33 3 insect Hemiptera (45) 34 insect 4 Lepidoptera (26) 35 insects 5 Diptera (34) 36 insect 6 Hymenoptera (64) 37 insect 7 Coleoptera (36) 38 insect 8 Other (15) 39 hexapod with the exception of insects (1) 41 spiders ( 12) 42 Pseudoscorpion class (1) 42 mites (2) 44 Other arthropod (2) 51 birds (24) 52 other vertebrate (1) 91 photographic equipment (2) 99 Announcements (7)
2015 (202) May (46) 月 4 (39) March (45) February (36) January bathroom sets (36) 2014 (174) December (32) of Plautia crossota Fuyu Eda Shakti larvae Cu Chi di Rojas streaks Ha Madara fruit fly female Plotosus lineatus Nof Wu kind P pungens thrips subfamily of large move short-eared owl Tsuyakasumikame of aphid kind Naga leopard Hong Musi (male) Suzuki Goldeneye (?) lid streaks Hirata Abu attack (?) (male)? Tsumakiherikamemushi (male) one of Kechatate Department Sasa white Naga scale insects Plotosus lineatus Nof Kure aphids (winged) Urikin'uwaba firefly caddisflies bathroom sets Lauxaniidae Steganopsis sp.2 Nami cricket bee sonchus oleraceus Phuoc Le aphid? Beard Naga Kou La braconid mosquito beetle assassin bug genus Empicoris suminoi cross di Fuyu kind of Eda Shakti of mating behavior Aritake Yamato jumping bristletail a kind of woolly aphid ant steward cricket that was in the back of the leaves of Neolitsea sericea Dan Dara Chibi jewel beetle flies conceived braconid subfamily Alysiili group kind Amebachi a kind of ( a kind of Raburubenia Himeeguriba Obiyasude that was attached to the December of the character) spider play Beetle bathroom sets Hime turtle saw lights ripe persimmon Misujimibae November (32) October (34) September (18) August (32) July ( 26)

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Electronic sanitaire picture book

Home insects list (1003 species) 2014.8.17 current
2015 (89) May (65) 月 4 (16) March (7) January sanitaire (1) 2014 (278) November (1) October (4) September ( 29) August (36) July (63) Ringokareha apple leaves (moth) Thrush Gore Madara alone bellied sesame Madara-toto (moth) Hime killer whale pike HimeTakashi-sha moth Clanis Bilineata brown color Tenga, Clanis Bilineata Madarasuzu sanitaire Madarasuzu Kiboshi wasp yellow star leg bee show Ryo locust spirits grasshopper spirits locusts insects 2-27 common bluebottle blue conditions Ageha show Ryo grasshopper beetle spirits locusts insects pseudo Himekogane Hime-kin Cameco Teleogryllus emma Enma cricket theretra sanitaire oldenlandiae Sejotenga Sejosuzumega Onigumo Onigumo Osugurotomoe Oklo Tomoega large brown cicada oil蟬, Nahigurashi Kishitaba yellow under wing Meghimatium fruhstorferi mountain slug Kuromadobotaru Kuromadohotaru Yamadakareha ACTIAS ARTEMIS waters blue of Honshu subspecies Maru bug Marugame insect white Obi Turin Hun damascene white belt bird droppings trick yokozuna sanitaire assassin bug yokozuna Togekame sanitaire Koshiroshitaba small white under 翅蛾 Mamekishitaba Mameki under wing Kubigurokuchiba neck black decayed leaves Hime Kagibaaoshaku princess 鉤翅 blue scale 蠖 small branded swift tea 翅挵 (butterfly) Chairohananomi brown Hananomi enoki cotton aphid Enokiwata 蚜虫 car grasshoppers car grasshopper car grasshopper sanitaire beetle 擬車 locusts insects Sukashinomeiga Toruno borer straight swift character挵 (butterfly) hierodula patellifera belly wide mantis beard but-mealworm Nashiiraga Nashitogega Hounendawara Harvest bales golden-ringed dragonfly demon 蜻蜓, demon dragonfly, Umadaiatama sanitaire Maruunka circle planthoppers nymphalis xanthomelas Hiodoshi butterfly Sapporo Molobratia japonica Sapporo leg diet Mushiabu fir Roh woodwasp fir Kihachi of cowpea Bosi Oki Sui four star Ohki fluke sulfur ABCs Siri spider sulfur Irohashi spider Gazamigumo 蝤蛑 spider bamboo bag scale insects bamboo 嚢介 shell insects beard Giro earwigs Higeshiro 鋏虫, 蠼螋 Futatogarikoyaga bi-leaflet Saya moth Yamato jewel beetle Yamato Tamamushi, Yamato Yoshihinoto insect Gomafushirokibaga sesame Madarashirokibaga Hagurotonbo Ohagurotonbo Haguro dragonfly Seaka horn stink bug back red SumiHisashi sanitaire insect blacktip reef shark Ken Hime bee Tsumakurokenhimehachi Thoressa Varia small tea 翅挵 (butterfly) gypsy moth gypsy moth Kin Quai Hara Naga Tsuchibachi sanitaire gold hair belly length Sat bee Kuroshitaaoiraga black under blue thorn moth Japanese beetle beans golden Mame-kin Cameco Cophinopoda chinensis Sagan horsefly Mont black Ginn killer whale pike Monkuro Ginten Inc. moth Nashigunbai pear tactics insects 2-7a byasa alcinous musk Ageha, musk Otoricho June (60) May (27) April (44) March (7) February (2) January (5) 2013 (140) December (4) November (10) October sanitaire (2) September (8) August (17) July (37) June (19) May (39) 月 4 (3) February (1) 2012 (257) November sanitaire (12) October (4) September (15) August (18) July (63) June (76) May (55) 月 4 (14) 2011 (146) November (6) October sanitaire (3) September (15) August (31) July (11) June (34) May (39) 月 4 (6) February (1) 2010 (98) December (2) November (6) October sanitaire (5) September (19) August (16) July (11) June (25) May (9 ) 月 4 (1) March (1) February (1) January (2) 2009 (29) December (5) November (13) October (4) 8 month (4) July (2) May (1) 2008 (1) September (1) 2007 (11) October (1) September (2) August (5) June (3) 2006 (14) September (3) August (8) July (1) June (1) May (1) 2005 (10) August ( 6) July (3) June (1) 2004 (4) July (1) June (2) 月 4 (1) 1993 (3) August (3)
50001 Araneae (84) 50008 Odonata sanitaire (Odonata) (73) 50014 Orthoptera (30) 50021 Hemiptera (147) 50029 Lepidoptera (Lepidoptera) moths (235) 50029 Lepidoptera (Lepidoptera) butterflies ( 109) 50030 Diptera (93) 50 031 Coleoptera (Coleoptera) (193) 50 033 Hymenoptera (61) 99999 other eye (48) Amami of insects (27)
Electronic sanitaire picture book "beetle of woodlands"

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50001 Araneae (84) 50008 Odonata (Odonata) (73) 50014 Orthoptera (30) 50021 Hemiptera (147) 50029 L

Hime red spotted lighting of the natural enemies of carnivorous system (princess Akahoshi Hisago-chu) khroma will not wandering around. The Princess is the larvae of the red-spotted lighting is that it was apparent're gnawing skinny, but parents also seems that. Is there that it was apparent, but it was not yet published. 887 species (Hemiptera 133 events)
2015 (88) May (64) April (16) 月 3 (7) January (1) 2014 (278) November (1) October (4) September khroma ( 29) August (36) July (63) June (60) May (27) April (44) Japan Acyrthosiphon bee Japan Hige-cho bee flying island khroma snail Tobishima khroma cochlea Noharanamekuji field slug horned owl Mimisemi, corner 鴟蝉 black Bosi Tutu beetle defeat barrel beetle kingcup sawfly true colors form Hahachi currant weevil currant Zohana-chu, Sankatamari weevil Nan Hai crow armyworm Nankai crow burglar (moth) Ruri Chu range lapis lazuli 鐫花 Musume-ko lid spotted Hirata Abu Two-star Bian horsefly (Ezokohirataabu Ezo small 扁虻) Neoitamus khroma angusticornis Kyokuke diet Mushiabu (insect 引虻) Nekohaetori Nekohaeto wheat aphid Mugihige-cho 蚜虫 spiraea aphid Spiraea 蚜虫 (aka: mandarin orange green aphid) To shrunken head tailed leaf beetle Juhoshi頸Hoso-kin Hana-chu, JuhoshikubiHoso leaf beetle black sawfly Kurohahachi Kiashibutokobachi Kiashi thick small bee Harmonia axyridis Namihisago-chu Nami Tendou co Black Hime beetle Small Kurohime Avery insect string cotton scale insect Himowata Kaikara-chu plum white scale insects Umeshiro Kaikara-chu khroma Okaboaka aphid upland rice red 蚜虫 honeybee honeybee Mesuakakebae female redhead fly Ruriari lapis lazuli ant lackey moth band leaves (moth) lid Mont wasp two crest leg bee crow Haetori Karasuhaeto spider Mutsuboshikijirami Rokuhoshikishirami carpenter bees bumble bee Mont Kiki Nami Shakti crest yellow khroma yellow wave Shaku蠖 black bumblebee black dot bee Biroudotsuriabu (velvet tree Abu) velvet Tsuabu anthocharis scolymus anthocharis scolymus Japanese knotweed leaf beetle akebi combo cormorant sawfly Akebi club Hahachi Inazuma Haetori lightning fly catching (spider) cardinal beetle kind Tengu butterfly Tengu butterfly khroma assembly Department Sialis (red 翅虫) genus of the kind American copper red small Haicho co wasp small leg length bee white Ten Eda Shakti white point Edashaku蠖 Bibionidae Bibio genus of the kind March (7) February (2) January (5) 2013 (140) 12 month (4) November (10) October khroma (2) September (8) August (17) July (37) June (19) May (39) April ( 3) February (1) 2012 (257) November (12) October (4) September (15) August khroma (18) July (63) June (76) May (55) 月 4 (14) 2011 (146) November (6) October (3) September khroma (15) August (31) July (11) June ( 34) May (39) 月 4 (6) February (1) 2010 (98) December (2) November (6) October (5) September khroma (19) August (16) July (11) June (25) May (9) 月 4 (1) March (1) February (1) January (2) 2009 ( 29) December (5) November (13) October (4) August (4) July (2) May (1) 2008 (1) September (1) 2007 (11) October (1) September khroma (2) August (5) June (3) 2006 (14) September (3) August (8) July (1 ) June (1) May (1) 2005 (10) August (6) July (3) June (1) 2004 (4) July (1) June (2) 月 4 (1) 1993 (3) August (3)
50001 Araneae (84) 50008 Odonata (Odonata) (73) 50014 Orthoptera (30) 50021 Hemiptera (147) 50029 Lepidoptera (Lepidoptera) moths (235) 50029 Lepidoptera (Lepidoptera) butterflies ( 109) 50030 Diptera (92) 50 031 Coleoptera khroma (Coleoptera) (193) 50 033 Hymenoptera (61) 99999 other eye (48) Amami of insects (27)
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